Sales Information-Is There A Winner And Loser?

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How To Win In Sales

It’s interesting how some salespeople look at sales as a win or loss based on whether another salesperson or company made the sale. I read something about this way of thinking over at

When you have the right sales information and the right sales techniques you will rarely lose a sale period. You will mostly decided not to make the sales? I hope you’re NOT thinking to yourself when would I choose not to make the sale?

I remember when I was in the mortgage business and I’d have a young couple in my office wanting to buy a home. I’d look over their numbers and tell them “You can’t afford this”. To which they’d stomp out of my office saying “I’ll just get the loan from your competition”

The sad thing was, it was a true statement. they would go to another mortgage company and get the loan. But, I was able to sleep at night realizing I wasn’t putting someone into a loan they would never be able to afford. So that isn’t losing a loan (or sale) that’s being ethical.

What does this have to do with sales information and sales techniques? Everything! When you learn how to use hypnotic sales techniques you’ll have the power to close just about any sale you want. Including the ones you shouldn’t close. Like the example above.

That’s the power of hypnotic sales information. It allows you to close almost any sale and you’ll never feel like you “lost one” to the competition. In this light there should never be a time you feel like the competition beat you because the only sales you won’t get are the ones you feel it would be unethical to close.

That is the power of hypnotic sales techniques. After reading this post and thinking about how hypnotic sales techniques can boost your sales you naturally want to learn more by reading my article Sales Information-Quickly and Easily Close More Sales

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