Sales Tips – Magical Tips To Close More Sales And Boost Your Income

There are certain sales tips using Neurolinguistic Programming or NLP that can help boost your sales through the roof. These sales tips are simple and easy to follow and implement.

NLP is a system of techniques that help you connect with your customers and by using the techniques you can also overcome sales objections. Here is a list of sales tips that can really help your sales numbers to soar.

Sales tip #1 Focus on a positive outcome. Begin with the end of the sale in mind. When you are talking to a prospective client, use as much positive language as possible. Focus on what you want with your sales rather what you do not want.

Sales tip #2 When you are working on a sale, try to use all of your senses and those of your customer. Have them think about what it will look like, sound like, and feel like when they own the product you are selling. Use these same senses when you imagine making a sale.

Sales tip #3 When talking to your customer, have them list the specific criteria they are looking for in your product. Have them prioritize those criteria and help them see that your product meets their criteria.

Sales tip #4 Consider what the five key goals are to your sales outcomes. Check in regularly and see if you are meeting those goals. See if your specific behaviors are helping you achieve those goals and if not adjust your behavior and try again. Come back and check in again to determine if you are any closer

Sales tip #5 Explore with your customer the other positive byproducts such as more time, convenience, money savings and more. Look at all of the aspects and have your customer imagine using all their senses what it will be like to have those additional benefits. Encourage them to think about all the things they want and hope for in the product.

Have them imagine what life will be like and how others will see them. Have them experience it as clearly as possible and then you will be ready to close the sale.

Sales tip #6 Be sure of what your bottom line is. If you are trying to make a deal, know beforehand how far you are willing to go on price negotiations. Don’t be caught up in the heat of the moment and make a deal that you will regret and will have a hard time living with afterwards. Plan ahead and be willing and ready to walk away from a deal if it does not fit into your bottom line. Don’t get carried away.

Sales tip #7 Remain calm and in control and keep your state managed. When you are calm and relaxed you be ready to make your best decisions and be in control of the situation and outcomes. Keep yourself anchored and your feet on the ground.

Do not let the excitement sweep you away, always remain in control and do not let that control slip. If a customer is excited about a product and you think you have a big sale coming don’t lose your head or you could blow it.

Acknowledge their enthusiasm and foster it so that you can close on the deal, but if you get to excited you can find that you may blow it. By managing your state you can stay focused and lead the customer rather than allowing the customer to lead you.

Sales tip #8 Another of the helpful NLP sales tips is to practice chunking. Chunking is the technique of either shifting your customer to looking at the big picture or leading them to focus or concentrate on the details.

This is one of the very important sales tips as it leads to successful negotiations. Suppose the customer is stuck on the details and is arguing about them. You can use chunking up and shift them to looking at the big picture and have them look more at the key advantages and points of the product.

Once you have them focused on the key points and can agree on them, you can shift back chunking down to the details again and the negotiation can be much more successful. The thing to remember is to stay calm and use NLP techniques to keep your client calm as well.

As you can see there are a number of different NLP sales tips you can use in order to improve your number of sales and stay focused and in control.

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